Capturing five-piece modern metal-band hailing from Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

The official tabs for our latest single "ALL I GAVE" are available now.

The first steps of the modern metal quintet from Frankfurt am Main, Germany seemed to be easier as for many other young artists because all members are firmly anchored in the networks of their home area and the scene. The self-released single “The Arrival” was enough to bring the band to stage with FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, NOVELISTS and CARCER CITY. Thereupon, OF COLOURS took their first festival summer by storm: not only they played the TRAFFIC JAM OPEN AIR but also the RELOAD FESTIVAL after they had confidently won the festivals own newcomer contest.

After that, the next big step was already in sight: with the release of their single “Oblivion”, OF COLOURS announced their signing to the well-known German label REDFIELD RECORDS in November of 2017. By that, they paved way for the release of their debut-record “Entelechy” which was produced by Kristian ‘Kohle’ Kohlmannslehner (POWERWOLF, ABORTED, CREMATORY, ALL FOR NOTHING, ESKIMO CALLBOY etc.) in the high-valued Kohlekeller Studios.

  In April of 2018, OF COLOURS didn’t just play a modest release show for their debut-album, but invited their fans to their own indoor festival in Frankfurt. The subsequent “Entelechy”-release-tour throughout Germany was followed by many festival appearances at home and abroad.

With passionate ambition and driven by the desire to create their own brand of Modern Heavy, OF COLOURS are determined to leave a deep mark in today’s scenery and to convince every crowd with an energetic, emotional and distinctive performance. To this day, they shared stage with modern heavy flagships such as JINJER, BURY TOMORROW, WHITECHAPEL, ANY GIVEN DAY and traditional combos such as SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

For “Bleak” and “All I Gave”, the first new tracks since “Entelechy”, OF COLOURS seem to have turned off the lights completely and they proudly present the bruises you can get from the rough edges of their sound.






“With the highly anticipated release of their debut album ‘Entelechy’, OF COLOURS prove that after the singles ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Hearts and Minds’ they still have a lot of highlights up their sleeves. Emotional density and complex guitar riffing paired up with expressive vocals and emotional shouts that are able to embody not just hardness but vulnerability as well. OF COLOURS – capturing, uncompromising, authentic.”


Next to catchiness and a high technical standard, the songs on ‘Entelechy’ deliver a thought-out concept regarding the content. The singer of OF COLOURS describes the idea behind the new album the following: “Entelechy is a philosophical term. It’s about the ability and the potential of every individual to develop and achieve a state of totality all by itself. This means that everyone has the power to reach his goals by his own accord.” Also the lyrics of the individual songs deal with the same topic: “The lyrics of the album focus on the evolution of the individual in different emotional and interpersonal contexts. Every song describes the journey to the unfolding of a deeper inner need and to a greater cognition.”


On ‘Entelechy’ another creative connection comes into play: As if the track ‘Wildfires’ wouldn’t prick up the listeners’ ears already, the clean vocals are sung by Mattéo Gelsomino of NOVELISTS and it’s safe to describe the purpose of this feature more than just the need for namedropping.


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